Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Warehouse Concierge.

1) Please explain what type of pallet is suitable for use in the warehouse!?

2) Please explain what facilities are needed for a warehouse!?

3) Please explain how many people are needed for each part of the warehouse!?

4) Please explain efficient warehouse design!?

5) We want to reduce track waiting time, can you give advice on what to do!?

6) Please explain how to maintain the security of the warehouse, for example from the entry of unknown people or theft!?

7) Please explain about 5S needed in the warehouse!?

8) We want to carry out an efficient process from the receipt of goods to shipping. Please explain. (Receiving, checking, storing, retrieving, packing, shipping)!?

9) We want to use WMS software to run the process. Can you explain the software!?

10) We want to do cost efficiency for the warehouse as a whole, can you explain the method for cost efficiency!?

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