Celebrating 40 years Anniversary, Yasunli Launched Series of 2019 CSR Program

  • More than 1000 plants were used in tree planting event by Yasunli “Clean Up Day” in Village Office Mekarwangi got positive response from lurah and village leaders  
  • Yasunli CSR series 2019 target public citizens and students 
  • Collaboration with students expected to encourage young generation’s creativity to prepare for global competition

Last Saturday, February 16, 2019, Yasunli employees participated in tree planting and cleaning activities in Village Office of Mekarwangi, West Cikarang, West Java. The event which called as “Clean Up Day” was one of the CSR series planned by Yasunli for 2019. Yasunli CSR activities will be related to environment sustainability and education. The activities target not only factory nearby area, but also students and public citizen. Yasunli will be working with their partners in executing these CSR activities plan.  

“To preserve environment, we should start from our nearby area,” said Jouw Erwin, Executive Director of Yasunli. “With this CSR activity, we hope there will be synergy between Yasunli and nearby environment, in order to create supportive working environment,” he added. Yasunli plant was firstly built in MM2100 industrial area in 2005 and now there are 4 factories spread in few location within the area.

In “Clean Up Day”, more than 1000 decorative plants were used to beautifully decorated the Mekarwangi village office yard. In addition, Yasunli also donated products like lockers and foldable box which are surely be useful in village office. The activity got positive response from Mekarwangi Village Office, given by presence of lurah, BPD, village head, and Babinsa to support the event. During the event, Yasunli employees working together with village office staffs to plant trees and cleaning up nearby area. Both Yasunli and village office hope the activity to continue in the future and more people can be benefitted from the CSR.  

As the pioneer and leading plastic manufacturer, Yasunli has established in Indonesia for quite long time and will celebrate 40 years anniversary in 2020. Series of CSR activities were initiated to celebrate company anniversary day. Besides “Clean Up Day”, Yasunli will hold other CSR activities during 2019, such as “Community Park” which targets public citizen, as well as “Science Day” which target students. Activities for students will related to education, specifically creativity. Yasunli realized that young generation have high creativity, however the creativity often stunted by limited access to funding. As a manufacturer with appropriate resources, Yasunli intent to encourage young generation creativities. Therefore, close collaboration between big industry and middle as well as small enterprise could be achieved to encourage global competitiveness.  


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